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Tayen is recognized as 「A Good Neighbor in Health and Beauty across the Taiwan Strait Hong Kong and Macau」
Over the past 60 years, TAIYEN has developed from a government-run monopoly salt company into a modern private enterprise with a wide product range spanning six major areas: salt products, bottled water products, skincare & cosmetics, health & dietary supplements, facial and body cleansers, and salt sculptures. With a firm focus on marine technology and biotech, we enter the coming six decades in the knowledge that we are taking "white gold," our traditional core product, to the next level of sophistication and application. Having received much recognition for our creative & cultural products, such as our salt sculptures, we are not complacent, but continue to push for innovation and fresh success.
From vast solar salt fields to high-tech equipments filled laboratory and clean rooms. TAIYEN looks back on a proud corporate history. Established as the Taiwan Salt Works in March 1952, we have always changed with the times, staying ahead of developments. In July 1995, TAIYEN became a limited company, which was privatized by 2003. Constantly expanding into new sectors and applications, we are now one of Taiwan's leaders not just in salt, cosmetic and health products, but also in marine science technology.
With our professional team of top-notch researchers and experts, we have exploited an amazing range of uses for salt and ventured from traditional, salt business into new biotechnology areas, such as packaged drinking water, personal cleaning, beauty & skincare and health food, and salt sculptures. We have always grown together with the people of Taiwan, and our progress remains closely connected with people's lives and needs. Our first six decades were filled with breakthroughs and records, and our innovative drive and reliable products have earned TAIYEN countless honors and awards, as well as the acknowledgment of industry and academia, both in Taiwan and abroad. For us, this only serves as powerful motivation to keep aspiring to the highest standards.
Looking ahead to the future, we are set to further upgrade our R&D capabilities, boost our products' competitiveness, strengthen our logistics and expand our sales networks. Our corporate philosophy centers on Professional, Innovation, and Efficiency, and we envision TAIYEN to be recognized as a good Neighbor in Health and Beauty on both sides of the Taiwan Strait as well as in Hong Kong and Macau. TAIYEN , as the pride of Taiwan, will be firmly based in Taiwan to look into Mainland China and Market its brand globally.
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